3rd building day

Day 3 is done. We painted our houses this morning and then decorated the walls. It turned out great! The roofing crew also put on all of the roofs and did a little extra to make the roofs excellant! We ate Tostadas for lunch and they were delicious. It is hard corn taco shells with guacamole and tomato soup on top and then you add rice. After lunch we prepared our house warming gifts and prepared for our dedication.  As each house was dedicated  we were able to pray and sing as the gospel was presented to the families.   God was definitely alive and working. All of the families committed their lives to Christ. Prayers were answered and God was at work in many hearts.  The Holy Spirit was working in mighty ways.  It is an experience we will never forget!   After dedication, we had a fiesta with a pinata and the kids went bananas!! Dulce is the magic word around here!! That is candy for those who don’t know. It is also Dan’t birthday today so when we got back to the base we surprised him! Vicki and Heidi decorated the base and we silly-stringed him when he came in. We just ate some amazing chicken soup stuff and we get to have cake a little later with a “special guest.” Tonight we will have some free time and then tomorrow we will be going to Antigua!  Everyone is healthy thus far and I ask that you would pray for safe travels and health for the next few days.  Thanks for all of your prayers so far!  We definitely feel them!

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Day 3 – A challenging, but successful medical clinic

We all made it back safe and sound and ready for some sleep. When we got to the village it seemed to be a similar atmosphere to the last one, but we soon found out it was quite the different. The people weren’t quite as personable and we had some trouble with intoxicated men. The medical clinic also brought along many things. There were many sicknesses throughout the community. There were health problems that ranged from the common cold to stomach ulcers. A few of the women on our team also got the opportunity to perform a small surgery on an infant who had an extra finger and skin on her hands. The surgery went well and was successful. During the singing time we prayed over a five year old girl who had problems with her liver, maybe a liver failure. We also had the chance to pray over a 79 year old woman who had a bad stomach ulcer. The experience was amazing and we could all feel the power of the Holy Spirit within the crowd. Our team prayed constantly for the people and for the safety of our team and God was definitely in our presence. To say the least, the experience in this village was extraordinary. Many people were brought to Christ and are beginning their walk with Him. We also felt the prayers that were lifted up from those back home. Everyone enjoys getting updates from friends and family at home, and hearing that there are people praying for them. Keep on praying because we can’t get through this week without Christ with us. See you all soon!

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Day 4 – Our first building day!

We are back at the base, clean, warm, and out of the mud.  It was our first building day, and everything went great!  Everyone was safe, with the exception of a few minor cuts.  We devoured the amazing rice, beans, and homemade tortillas for lunch, and got our houses to where they should be.  Pretty fantastic day serving the Lord and meeting the families we’re building for!

I think Anna is going to write an update for yesterday – it accidentally got deleted late last night…  But watch for it – lots of stories to tell from our last medical clinic!

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Day 2

Hello everyone, everything is doing fine. Yesterday we went to our fisrt “project” and that was a medical clinic about 1 1/2 hours away. We made it saftely but the traffic was horrible. The village we served at had about 50 families and the overall health of them was not the best. Everyone got along with the kids great and Brad even got the kids to start saying Pizza Ranch. Hermano Jesus did a fantastic job and you could feel the holy spirit move. There are many new believers. Just to say hi and hope everyone is doing well.

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We made it!

We made it! Everyone arrived safe and sound! The traveling was relatively uneventful, except for one sick person (Bradley) on the windy road to the base. But don’t worry – he’s feeling much better! We arrived at the base around 11 pm, ate sandwiches, and went to bed. And we’ve got good news – no big snorers in the bunch, man or woman. So everyone got a great night of sleep and in the next hour we’ll be packing meds for our medical clinic tonight. Thanks for all the prayers! We felt them!

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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Maurice (June 25-July 2).

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